About Me
Rene' Armstrong
Keys 2 EZE Founder
I’m an Average American. I’m a wife, mom, grandmom, sister, daughter and a nurse. I’ve taken nine years of my own life, full-time and unpaid, to really dig in and study today’s America. I did it because I care about people…a lot. I personally wanted to learn why people were hurting and how to fix it. I learned that self-education is the best way to learn and safeguard good for yourself and your family. If it was good enough for Abraham Lincoln to free people from physical slavery, it was good enough for me to find out how to free people from mental slavery. I looked under every rock and climbed every mental mountain to gather the pieces I needed for a whole picture, once I realized we only had half of the whole picture. Now it’s time to share what I’ve learned with other Average Americans… THE REAL GAME CHANGERS of our nation! As people and parents, we have the power to change the world into a better place to live.

I have  a PhD in real life, and it wasn’t cheap… in money, emotions, relationships and a lot more. I got it myself, without giving anyone else authority to grade, judge, criticize or “fail” me. The only standards I had to perform to were my own, and for me they were to get as close as possible to the whole truth. At the start of my journey in 2008 I did the “formal” route and got an associate degree in business and a certificate in finance to learn the language of business & money. I felt like it held a big part in the whole picture, and I knew I was clueless in both. Since then, no one guided me or led me in any studies. I wasn’t eased or guided along any track by “formal” education. I wasn’t forced to learn what other’s wanted me to learn, which is a waste of my valuable time, or to recite back what others judged right or not right…regardless of the truth. I thought for myself. No one argued with me, rated me, pigeon-holed me or put down what I was doing. I didn’t depend on funding from the ”powers that be” who control research with a cash collar. Any mistakes I made showed up along the way as my understanding grew. I worked through problems in the average person’s life until I found truth where every past & present issue in America made perfect sense, so real solutions could be put together.

When something interested me, I focused, and had freedom to follow it to the natural end... the end that made perfect sense. I knew not everyone was telling the truth, so I found a way to tell who was & who wasn’t… and how to prove it. For the rarely not provable, I settled for what was most likely  true, using what I could prove. No one had a single threat that could be held over my head, so I had complete freedom. I had no job or tenure to lose, I had nothing to take and my family’s well-being didn’t depend on my income. I appreciate the sacrifice my husband and kids made so I could do this thing I felt I had to do…for myself and every other hurting person in America. We all paid dearly, but I’d do it again because I proved good always wins…eventually. It’s Nature’s way.

The pieces I’ve put together are from the trenches, in real life connections with people in the community and my own family & friends. People who are parents and grandparents, in healthcare, retail, and education. Those who work in white collar, blue collar and any other color collar fields, along with American safeguards of GOOD in the military and public service, and so much more. These are the people who make America great. The biggest gold nugget I found was that we’re all  doing the best we can with the GOOD we have. It’s time to learn how to, 1) Give ourselves a break,  2) Give others a break, and 3) Get back to basics of GOOD and Truth… The Whole Truth, Nothing But The Truth, and use it to grow our own GOOD.

My gift to the Average American is The Growth Grid. It make sense out of nonsense- in relationships, current events, history, government, economics, etc. It also makes perfect sense of typical “programs & policies”. It’s an EZ to use people profiler and a main key to safeguarding SELF & family by knowing when to NO!, and how, plus the right way to find facts to right wrongs. I’m making it available to everyone for deciding who to trust or not, giving people ability to profile everyone on a simple grid for predictable & expected behaviors. Real success becomes predictable, plannable, profitable and productive. Feel free to spread it on the internet. The truth can go viral as well as anything else, and if it helps Americans keep & grow their own cash, why not! Word of mouth’s the best way to spread truth, so speak up- No expensive advertising needed.

This is my frame & platform- All humans are born equal, naturally good, want good and want to share it with others that they choose. The more Americans with Keys 2 EZE, the quicker that will be EZ. I suspect we’ll even have fun reversing today’s nonsense with yesteryears checks & balances…and we’ll do it together- caring & sharing like Average Americans have always done.

Many Big Gov funded & forced policies are not nice… or fair. Most Average Americans however, are both…and where the funding’s coming from. I feel like it’s time to grow some excellence in & respect for every life in America. I’m doing what I can to grow them…Please join me : )

Here’s a challenge that’s both friendly & fun- Enjoy as much GOOD in life as possible with your kids and enjoy the bloom. Safeguard your own family’s well-being. DO NOT ACCEPT - ALLOW - IGNORE abuse in any form in yourself or for yourself or your kids. Encourage & applaud every GOOD effort in each other. Believing it’s possible is the key that unlocks it for real. Anyone who’s been a baby or helped a baby learn to talk & walk knows how to do it right. No babies “fail” to learn either, and they have fun doing it! It all has to do with who they’re talking & walking toward and their attitude… how much they care. Learning truth about the world and how to use it to improve it, for Self & to Share, is the ultimate fun for everyone. The planet can be a playground, or a prison…you choose…and I’ll help.